Sparrow Loans is a conscientious short-term lender that delivers fast and flexible loans to support Australian businesses. We aim to meet the evolving needs of SMEs in the Australian marketplace with swift response times, responsible due diligence, fast turnaround of funds and a relationship-focused approach. We review each loan on its merits to offer our best interest rate with flexible repayment options. The team at Sparrow Loans can have a loan approval within 48 hours and settle within two weeks. With our loans designed to fit the purpose, our borrowers enjoy tailor-made loans that allow them to focus on their business and pay only for what they need!

The Sparrow Loans team is excited to support the Women in Finance Awards as a Gold Partner this year. We are excited to celebrate the professional excellence of women who have established themselves in finance and continue to overcome distinct challenges they face in the industry. By acknowledging the many women in finance and their successes, we hope this encourages more women to join the industry.