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Claire Bibby

General Counsel & Non Executive Director | Marist 180, Australian Property Circles and UTS Law Advisory

Claire Bibby is a well-known innovator and influencer. Claire is a non-executive director of Marist180, Australian Property Circles and the University of Technology Sydney Law Advisory Board. In addition, Claire is an executive member of the Association of Corporate Counsel, an Entrepreneur Ambassador for Opportunity International, and a committee member of Soroptimist International, the NSW Law Society Futures Committee and the Resolution Institute. Claire is also a Foundation Speaker with The Prominenti Society Speakers Agency. Claire has been recognised as one of Australia’s best lawyers and female executives, including having been awarded the “Excellence Award for Women in Law”, “General Counsel of the Year”, “Female Executive of the Year in Asia, Australia & New Zealand”, “Mentor of the Year” and most recently she was featured in SmartCompany's 2018 International Women's Day Showcase. Claire is also a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and SmartCompany reader panel. Part and parcel with her passion for the law and advancing the interests of women, Claire is an active philanthropist and public speaker on issues of innovation, diversity and inclusion, psychological wellness, developing high performing teams and women’s leadership. Claire is also a mentor for Layne Beachley's "Aim for the Stars" Foundation.