REB judge

Andrea Slattery

Non-Executive Director, Though Leader, Adviser

Andrea Slattery has been an Independent Non‐Executive Director & Governance expert for 26 years. She currently sits on the
Boards of Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Argo Global Listed Infrastructure, SMSF Association, South Australian Cricket
Association, Adelaide Oval Stadium Management and is an Advisor to Tim Costello & World Vision.

Starting her career in Tax, accounting and academia, Andrea was the Founder, Managing Director and CEO of the SMSF
Association for 14 years. She was the lead voice for the 1.1m SMSF trustees and those professionals that advised and
serviced them and led the seven‐fold transformational growth of the SMSF Sector in Australia from 20% (or $109B FUM of
$535B in 2003) to the largest sector of superannuation in Australia today with 30% (or $700B FUM of $2.3T in 2017). Andrea
has been publicly recognised by two Prime Ministers, Government, Media and the International Finance Community as one of the most influential and strategic thought leaders in Financial Services and retirement systems and recognised as also as helping to generate wealth for millions of Australians enjoying a higher standard of living in retirement than they would have otherwise

Andrea, now as a full‐time Non‐Executive Director & keynote speaker, embodies authentic, values‐based leadership. A
considered & thought provoking strategic thinker, an agile innovator who thrives in the face of disruption and challenge, she
offers compelling insights into corporate culture & strategies and cross industry transformation within a highly regulated
environment. She is a recognised expert in focusing on how businesses can most effectively engage with their customers and
clients via multi‐channel and new age service and technology models. In all her roles, she has displayed a strategic capacity to
effect major, long‐term change – a disruptor of industry norms. She has a critical understanding of business risk, security
capabilities and knowledge of financial markets and has been instrumental in effecting significant change for the equality of
women and consumer engagement.